Download workout without video?

Is there a way to add an option to download the workouts without the videos? Mostly as a way to save space on a hard drive, but also just for efficiency purposes. Some days I know I’m going to watch or listen to something else anyway, so it would be awesome to just have that option instead of having to wait for a full download. My internet sucks, so sometimes a download takes a while.

@neverdnf (nice handle) I’ve found if you’re not going to run the video, just start it as if you were going to stream, with the “w/o video” option enabled, and you shouldn’t need to download it. Almost no bandwidth required.


Yep, I see now. That may be a good work around. Thanks.

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I think the workouts are already downloaded as they will continue to adjust my trainer even if the video is buffering. They must be pretty small files anyway, just a beginning, resistance, duration, repeat, repeat, repeat, end. As previous post says… select option to turn off video