FF done and dusted

Not as prestigious as KoS but it’s a start. I’ve been labeled a Pursuiter. FF loved my 5 min but knocked me on my AC. LOL I agree with that finding however. My Garmen has shown the same type of results this past summer. Very little if any anerobic gain. I can grind all day but stink at higher tempos and recovery. Next step is get a plan and work on doing my fist century (miles) this spring/summer. Onward!

NM 680
AC 222
MAP 195
FTP 137


Good shout!!!

Today I did FF. My numbers jumped up :muscle: Last FF 8 weeks ago. Then a week with Ian, prep KoS and of course KoS! (officially given the title Sir yesterday :yum:) and a week with Neal.
NM + 102
AC + 9
MAP + 21
FTP + 4 (always a problem with improvement), but overall I’m happy and proud :metal:
I greet all sufferlanders.