These plans and who they’re “best for”… it’s not me. It’s nowhere near me. But here I am, getting ready to start training for my second IM.
I can’t complete these swim workouts in the times required. Some of them, in twice the time. This must me able to run 10Mi without stopping, must have 8-12hrs during build, must have, must have, must have……
I’m a single dad, working 5-10’s minimum, 45 min from home, with a lot of extra weight, and recently discovered ADHD.
Where’s the next step down? I need help to bridge the gap between my “I’m trying my hardest” and your “conquer sufferlandria”

I used the program for my Chattanooga 1/2 training, but after awhile I gave up on some of these workouts because they’re so far out of my reach. And honestly, I don’t know how to tailor these to the training I need. I don’t think I was getting enough hill relative work, on foot or wheel. The biking is what I stuck with most on the training plan, but I started throwing in hard 2x3’s or whatever they’re called to get more Chatty hill feelings.
ADHD is a pain in the ass to deal with all around, but figuring all this out feels like 3 1000pc jigsaw puzzles thrown into one pile.

I sorted through all these apps. I can’t stand the “ride the course” or virtual stuff. I just want the workouts to kick my ass, to get stronger. That’s what this app offered. I really want this to work, especially since I impulse purchased a year of it.
Maybe the reason cycling stuck is the data is transferable, and I can see data. I don’t know how to do that with the runs and swims

Hey @Wiffles18 welcome to the forums. I’m not a triathlete so I don’t have much to offer you except by the sounds of it, you might benefit from a call with one of the coaches.

I guess pending input from others, you might want to consider it.

@Wiffles18 first welcome to the forum. I am a tri guy myself so I understand you complaint all too well. I often see workouts (running more the issue with me) that ask you to cover a specific distance in a specific time. While that may be a moderate run for a good runner, it is an all out sprint for me.

What I do is try to do the distance but expand the time. I know that can cause some real time crunch issues so sometimes I don’t get the whole distance in. It worked pretty well for my first half though.

Having been at this for a while, many of my run workouts are self designed by necessity. Probably not ideal but I have yet to find a canned program that works well for a slow runner.

Best of luck to you.

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