Fitting in a 4DP

Just finished a 3:1 Century block, is there any reason I wouldn’t swap out todays Very Dark Place with a 4DP to recalibrate as I head into my last 3 weeks before my next event (100mi)?

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Assuming you’re feeling rested and recovered, no reason at all - other than FF is wicked harder than AVDP.

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Hear, here. Full Frontal is NOT designed to be ridden if you had a full week of riding before. If you want to recalibrate, do AVDP today and then the FF prep plan week. You’ll feel nice and rested to put your all into the test.

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Do half monty rather than 4DP. For a century plan the 20 min and 5 min values are probably more important (unless you plan on a sprint finish…)


For testing, I always do the 1 week test plan which ends with a FF. It has a HM on day 3 which is used to set targets in the FF. I believe this gives me accurate and reproducible 4DP numbers. And, it’s a solid week of workouts.