Friday Fun - 4DP metrics are the way to train says ChatGPT

Happy Friday, nearly beer 'o clock
Friday Fun - 4DP metrics are the way to train says ChatGPT. So it must be, ok?!

Although I’m disappointment to find out GvA is not real :smiling_face_with_tear:



I just guffawed in the doctor’s waiting room :crazy_face:


That last bit about him being a muscular warrior with a goatee and a shaved head. Where do they get that stuff? :joy::joy::joy:


A fine example of what can be achieved with directed questioning.

best Phoenix Wright voice Objection!

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Right then and there is a good example of why this type of technology is dangerous For a neutral observer, you cannot tell where the truth ends, and the fiction begins.

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For some reason I always pictured Grunter as being more like Patrick Lefevere…

As we know, there was only one time he was interviewed, and I think that was when the UN stepped in and he’s kept a pretty low profile since then


It is the current plague in education. I’ve had students submit essays with it verbatim and claim it is their own. Apart from this being flagged up as internet sourced using a Plagscan/Turnitin, they also know nothing about the general content when questioned! The International Baccalaureate say it can be used as long as it is sourced! However students have to cite it and they should consider the validity as being similar to Wikipedia.

Apparently the whole nature of education is about to change and it is how we are going to embrace its use that is most important.


I saw that video, funny


Saw it? I RODE IT. Awesome interview.


Which workout is this from?

It’s none other than…Hell Hath No Fury. 2 terrible 20 minute efforts followed by a nasty little TTT (evil…eeeeeeevilllll)

Forgive me Grunter for it has been nearly 3 years since I rode this most glorious and horrible thing. < schedules it in calendar for post-tour penance >


Here we go…we’re to be cancelled now for sure!!

the nation will NEVER let that happen Sir! NEVER!

The wahoominati are always watching. #twaaw

Xoom Xoom!

I must have blanked out in Hell Hath No Fury, I don’t remember it from when I did it recently! I had to look it up!

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