Ride report

Fairly new to this and I’ll :100:% say it’s better than zwift.Currently banned from facebook for 3 days as i included the word BUTT in a topic reply​:crazy_face:Did AVDP tonight and I’ll have to admit it was hard,but maybe not as hard as i imagined it’d be.Think i may need to do another 4DP test.Going to try ISLAGIATT tomorrow​:thinking:


Be careful what you wish for. When your numbers go up, every workout gets harder! :hot_face:

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Just know that when you’re “fairly new”, it can take awhile for the system (excuse me SYSTM) to get you dialed in. Rather than jump right into another FF, consider manually adjusting your numbers a little if you’re finding your efforts a little “less awful”.

No question you should be embracing the suck with fresh numbers on AVDP and ISLAGIATT, but that said, they’re both MAP/FTP heavy, so maybe those are strengths for you? What did your initial FF class you?

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Classed me as an Attacker but IRL I’d say that my forte was climbing.I’m only 5.4 and 64kg and hope to get down to 62kg.