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Why don’t we just use seconds since January 1, 1970 00:00:00.
That sorts just fine. :wink:


I second that. I just wish that the knuckle heads around me would just let it go and see that Monday is the first day of the weekly!

No arguing it.

It’s a #$@*&% INTERNATIONAL STANDARD for Pete’s sake!

I always laugh when I see this word in a cycling context.

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Standards are great. Everybody should have one.


I choose ISO 8601! I love the fact that we’re discussing a date/timestamp standard in this forum. :slight_smile:

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As somebody who has worked on an international standard, it is one thing to create the standard. It is another to get people to use it.


This always comes to mind:

But some things like ISO 8601 or the metric system should not be discussed.


Innovation really makes standards creation difficult.

Fortunately, the number of days in the week is uniform throughout the world (the French Revolution failed at its 10 day week). If memory serves me correctly ISO 8601 assumes a Gregorian style calendar.

Even the metric system definitions have evolved over time.


Love RGT on Apple TV but sadly no System App in the works by the looks of it? so a no go for me at the moment I’m afraid! Little point moving from Zwift to Wahoo X subscription if I can only use half of it :wink: The workouts in RGT are…ho hum :smirk:
No one on here seems to know whether the Apple TV app is ‘on the horizon’ or ‘Dead in the water’

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