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I’m sure this question has been asked many times and I’m sorry for the redundancy. Is there a way that you can race against yourself using the Wahoo Kickr? I’ve been using a computrainer where I can race against previous rides I’ve done and I enjoy it since it allows me to see if I’m getting stronger. I appreciate any feedback you can provide.



Love this idea. I be watching the answers.

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Also following. Though to be honest, I use ERG mode the vast majority of the time and I know my 4DP so if my current setting is higher than a prior setting I’m pretty sure I’d win against my prior self (provided I could complete the workout without reductions in intensity.)

I’m really not sure how this would work in SYSTM but I’m curious to see what’s said so I’ll just hang out here and eavesdrop.

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I am just the opposite. I use Level mode 80% of the time. I find I can crank out just a bit more power that way. I tend to use ERG on the tougher rides to keep me honest.


Certainly an interesting idea but, like Sir @Glen.Coutts, I’m not sure how it would work.

SYSTM is a power-based training app. Speed or altitude don’t really mean anything compared to, e.g. FulGaz or Rouvy, where real-world rides can be completed repeatedly and actual time compared (as an example, I like to ride a 40 km route on Rouvy every now and again and compare myself to that. Occasionally I even ride outside!).

As any given video will show the same footage at the same time, every time, I’m not sure how a “ghost” could be realized.

The feedback loop for seeing if you are progressing is the development of your 4DP.


Here’s a workaround that I haven’t fully tried but may do something for you.

On a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (I say this specifically as I have one, I’m sure other Wahoo computers do similar, I would assume that non-Wahoo head units do also) you select a route that you have previously ridden and ride it again on the smart trainer. The trainer will adjust itself to reflect the changes in the terrain (I assume if you have a Climb attached it will also adjust that). This part I have tried in the past - in fact when I repeated a local 30k route that I had ridden on the road a week previously my time on re-ridden route on the trainer was within about 20 seconds. Probably circumstantial but it impressed m.e

If you also set that route to be a segment in Strava and favourite it the Bolt will tell you (with the correct settings) when you approach the segment and let you compare your in-workout time to your previous PR, thus giving you a real-time ‘ghost’ comparison.

Whilst I have some favourited segments for which I get this comparison whilst out on the road I haven’t tried it when re-riding on the trainer. But, during a reride the Bolt shows me where I “am” on the map, so I’m guessing that it will work the same.

Perhaps not what you’re after, but might be fun to try…

And far be it for me to suggest other platforms but Rouvy lets you ride routes and select up to 3 (or was 3) ghost riders. Select yourself and there you have it. I tihnk it’s ok suggesting Rouvy as it’s really not the sam kind of platform as Wahoo. I wouldnt say they’re competitors - Rouvy can’t do what I come here for, and Systm can’t do what Rouvy does (though arguably some aspects are there now with the On Location rides).


Hey Imanaggie,

We looks at the power and RPE of sessions over a longer period of time to see how you compare against ‘yourself’. From day to day it can be difficult but if you add a note on your sessions about the session RPE (how hard it felt) as well as tracking HR and power, you can see how you improve. If for example your HR drops, the power stays the same, and the session RPE decreases, then you are improving as the same numbers feel easier and physiologically are being completed more easily. This probably means it’s time to reset those 4DP numbers with a Half Monty or Full Frontal test. That’s where you can really compare (or race) against your old self by seeing what progress and improvements have been made across your metrics