Half Monty FTP Result

Hi all

I’ve completed the Half Monty today (having last done a 4DP test in November)

During the test, it told me my MAP and LTHR were both up slightly and that I would see my new FTP at the end.

I can’t see it anywhere - both within the individual workout and my settings all it shows are my previous 4DP results.

I know 4DP is more complete and my numbers won’t have shifted dramatically, but is there any way I can see the FTP number this workout produced?

It’s nagging my curiosity (and ego!!)


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Hey Gareth @GravityFighter … also look out for an email from Sufferfest
if you’ve not got that … try shutting the app down and restarting it and see if that triggers the email

I think you get that email irrespective of whether you’ve signed up for workouts to be emailed to you …