Help Sir Glen to break his silence

So, I’ve well exceeded my triple output, even with taking an extremely liberal determination of the requirements, for a 24 hour period already (thanks to getting very little sleep cuz I really am a dope).
Here was my lifetime forum output (for the sake of calculating the requirements, let’s call it a year and divide by 365) prior to The Silent Time,

Here is my forum output from the time of my release as at March 2 6:23 am CST:

Now I can just return to my “normal” excessive amount of posting, liking, commenting, referring, linking etc in the forums and, more importantly to the last stage in the Whatsthatyousay Tour of 2024.

For anyone following the status of my dumb dump poopyhead challenge, here is my progress with 20 hrs remaining as of 9:47 am CST