HIIT category filter on SYSTM?

Is there a workout category which corresponds to HIIT workouts on the SYSTM app? eg, I see radio buttons with “Activation,” “Active Recovery,” “Climbing,” “Cool Down,” etc, etc, but nothing specifically related to HIIT. I guess “Speed” would be the closest, but what I am really looking for is a collection of “Tabata Like” sessions one day a week.

Also (while I am herein related to the above) - is there anyway to design your own workout?

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hi @Glenn_Blasius ,
maybe u can check the following:
the chores, revolver is easy, half is easy, butter and my favourite … blender, also look for the map progression set as a warm up :slight_smile:

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SYSTM has no ability to design your own workouts or do any non-SYSTM ones. You could use something like TrainerDay to design a workout, and then RGT to execute it if you wish.

Filtering by MAP in the 4DP Focus section should show you most of the Tabata-like workouts in the SYSTM library.


@Namaku Don’t forget about the No Vid- AC focused 20/40s Tabata Progressions! These types of efforts really focus on your repeatability, as well as providing another pathway to increase your FTP. Great efforts for coming into a racing season!

Happy Training


search “MAP progression”