How do I find Build me up in Sufferfest

Thanks for reading
Trying to find build me up on sufferfest
When I go into plans it takes me through a series of questions
No matter what I answer I don’t get to the Build me Up program
Can I not just search for a named program
Want to increase FTP


the current stepper / wizard tool used to create plans is rather complicated if you already know what you are looking for. With the following selection you might get the desired plan. Select Threshold…

Hope that helps.


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Thanks Kai
I went through your suggested steps.
It brought me to a program called Threshold Block.
I thought there was actually a program called Build Me Up?


Hi there @Cannondalerugby5,
If I understand you correctly, you are looking for a plan named “Build me up” from “Zwift” within the Wahoo SYSTM app. This specific plan does not exist throughout different apps. But you are likely to find a similar (or as I would suppose: an even better) plan on Wahoo SYSTM. As @kah already pointed out the training plan questionnaire will lead you to whatever purpose you want to train for. Since the “Build me up” plan from Zwift is focussing on overall improvement on the bike performance, I would guess the “All-purpose road” plan would be your best option.
But of course, you could also choose the “Building Blocks” option @kah has pointed out for you. This would give you the option to build your plan more individually.


I should add that, unlike other platforms, SYSTM uses a testing protocol called 4DP. That tests your individual performance across 4 metrics (5 sec, 1 minute, 5 minute and 20 minute). The results will create your unique rider profile and ALL future workouts will be tailored to that profile.

That said, if your sole goal is to improve FTP, then there are a number of approaches you could take. The Threshold Building Block will focus more specifically on that as @kah suggests. All Purpose as Sir @Holger1980 suggests would help in all areas.

You could also do a MAP Building Block as the SUF scientists have said before, raise your Maximal Aerobic Capacity and you will in turn raise your Threshold (FTP) ceiling.

In any case, whatever you choose @Cannondalerugby5 , WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME.

Just to add my opinion, if you’ve arrived from Zwift, I’d probably recommend finding your way around SYSTM and doing the Full Frontal - there’s loads of advice and articles about how to pace and approach it but don’t stress about it either - then do the All Purpose Road plan. It’s a really good one to show you various aspects of what SYSTM can offer. If you really want to improve your FTP the Time Trial plan will do that, but has more No Vid workouts which can be done easily outdoors but doesn’t show case the Sufferfest videos as well.

Sorry Holger1980
What an idiot I am.
You are right, the Build ne Up is on Zwift!!!
I am looking for an FTP builder.
Will go through the questions and

Thanks Glen/TTDragon
I am coming back to Sufferfest having been on the ergo for a while and recovering from Covid.
I have my 4DP from my previous involvement.
Power is still there but the FTP has dropped hence the plan.
I will explore the options.