How late can I start my TOS?

Still waiting on a tire to have a ridable setup for TOS after blowing out my tires last week.
Will it let me ride everything 3 days late (past the 50 hr window)?

I don’t care about the badge in the app as much as just going for it…
I assume I can at least manually choose all the videos per the schedule. This is my first TOS and I planned to just suffer through all 7.

Of course I blew out my trainer tires a week out doing the TOS prep plan.
Plenty of time to get new ones, but my Amazon order has been delayed 4 days now due to the winter weather here in Oklahoma and Texas. According to UPS tracker my package made it to town on Saturday but its been ‘out for delivery’ all day today and still nothing.


Welcome @RumpfKicker.

There’s nothing at all to stop you from riding the ToS on your schedule. As you’ve noted, you won’t get the badge or the challenge completion, or be able to use the plan in the app, but you can absolutely do the event by selecting the workouts manually.

And any fundraising you do will still benefit DPF and qualify you for the prize draw.

Best of luck with your delayed ToS, and I hope the winter weather hasn’t impacted you too much in other ways.


Thinking I’ll be up and running tomorrow,
Unless you recommend otherwise I will just manually start my ride in the prescribed order,

…otherwise —-I could ride within the tour plan and start with day 2 or 3 (inside the 50 hr window), then just makeup the first couple rides on my own after completing.

The snow has been great! Been sledding with the kids, and we are safe and warm! Though it’s kinda crazy we would typically be riding outdoors here in February not freezing with single digit and negative temps.

Thanks again! Really love your product…and community.


There’s often a couple stragglers in the ToS who don’t quite make the 50 hour window or others who need to jump in early on the other side.

It’s very valiant to press on after the official stages close! For the glory of our great nation and to raise some money for DPF!

Welcome to Sufferlandria btw, you can never leave.