How to avoid abrupt cadence drop spinout/power/cadence loss?

Hello - I’m wondering how others deal with spinout when coming off of a very high cadence interval.

Do you try to just adjust your cadence down more slowly, or just accept the momentary loss of data, or gear differently in ERG mode, or something else? Is there a helpful setting I am missing?

I turn off auto-pause to keep the workout active.

I’m on the latest Kickr, and it seems to lose the cadence more often in this circumstance than I noticed on the Neo 2T. This could be my imagination.

In any case…I am mostly just curious, so thanks in advance. It doesn’t really matter except for my apparent desire to have pretty graphs…

Hey there I have a TacX and it does this too. It’s just the training catching up to the flywheel is my understanding.

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36x18 gear selection helps, as that lowers the flywheel speed, making ERG more responsive. I also use an actual cadence sensor.


Thank you. I don’t know why I never considered using the external cadence sensor, which is already mounted on my bike. :eyes:

I’ve been running 36x14, so I’ll experiment with that as well.

I appreciate the replies.

Similar to @Sir_Brian_M I use a separate cadence sensor strapped to my left crank.

The problem is that the smart trainers measure cadence somewhere inside it only works when there is pressure on the gears and your smart trainer is actually registering some power being put out, so you get that data loss when you spin out like that. So, a separate cadence sensor on your cranks, pedals, shoes, etc. eliminates that problem.


Thank you. It seems so obvious, yet it never clicked.

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I drop cadence slowly so there is always some power to the pedals.Having the power dropouts looks as if I was failing on a section of the workout when I review it weeks later, so I try to avoid it


FWIW, also have cadence sensor, but I actually use my brakes coming out of the effort, to minimize the drop-off times and quickly get back to the next bit. Am I the only one?

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That works with a wheel-on trainer, but a direct drive trainer doesn’t connect to your brakes. So it’s an option depending on your trainer.


Good point, whoops. Rich guy problems.


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Or “could have been rich”…