How to combine travel job and training?

Hello everyone

I started my life in Sufferlandria this summer. Since I was still recovering from some respiratory infection, I did yoga and strength training and felt good with it. Now I’ve done a FF (felt terrible, of course.) FF classified me as an attacker with a weakness of sustained efforts. Today my first actual bike exercise ISLAGIATT truly felt like a good idea up to around 1h15 min when the app started freezing every now and then. I was using the broken app so I hope next time it will seem like a good idea all the way to the end.

My right heel has been a pain in the ass for half a year now. Since starting Sufferfest training, I’ve had also totally painless days so I’m positive it will soon be good as new!

I’ve identified my Mt. Sufferlandria. It’s Levi Extreme Triathlon in Finnish Lapland next July. I’ve had one previous olympic triathlon a few years ago. I’m good at swimming, do ok in cycling and have no idea about running, but hey, its still almost a year! My goal is to be able to take running steps in the home stretch!

I’m working currenctly quite irregurarly. Most weeks I take a business trip of 3 long, stressful days with too little time to rest. The rest of the week I work only some few hours at home or not at all.

I have a great paincave that finished just this summer. I have there weight lifting place, thredmill, bike an such staff that is needed.

Also next winter I will be doing some research for 3 months with way less travelling. During these months there will be several weeks, 1 or 2 at a time, of not cycling but spending time skiing alone and with kids. My mid-term goal is to do a 100km skiing trip next spring.

Now my grand plan for the next year is to stay healthy and feel better mentally and physically.

I’m planning to put my focus first on improving cycling and targeting FTP efforts. At the same time I will do some yoga and strength training since I really enjoy those and feel they are doing me even more good than cycling. I hope these excercises will also help my rehabilitate my heel (got also personalised instructions for that but Suf training feels better…) Getting close to Xmas, depending on if there is snow around here, skiing will probably replace some but not all of the cycling exercises. I trust my heel lets me start running later this autumn and since I’m a bit afraid of how it goes, I’ll start very cautiously on that. The amount of running will probably go more up when the snow is gone.

Now after all this thinking, I have some questions.

  1. When on a business trip, most of the days I simply cannot train at all. How should I select the training plan(s)?
  2. I enjoy Suf strength training. On the other hand, I also have some weights I would like to lift. Weightlifting and Sufferfest Plans Here is a thread on strength training that I found very interesting. Would it be too much to add for example 5x5 training after Suf strength session?
  3. Since the business trip days are not always the same (might be mon-wed this week thu-sat the next week and tue-thu the week after that), I wonder how should I move the exercises planned?
  4. I’m a bit worried about getting enough recovery time. Since the business trips are a burden, and I of course would like to suffer like a decent Sufferlandrian, any tips on how not to exercise too much?

Thanks in advance,


This is hard when work interferes with your training. I would still go with the plan you want and then try and get your flights/drive either side lined up so that you end up training very early before you leave or late at night when you get back. It’s just mental, you can get up at 4:00am to do AVDP or Downward Spiral at 11:00pm when you get back :slight_smile: Could you do the same while traveling for work? I would also hunt out hotels with bikes, spin classes that would let me do my own thing, (Sufferfest on iPhone using RPE/HR as my guide), rent a real road bike or use one of those awful upright gym bikes at a push.

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