How to plan for an event?

I just finished my first SYSTM 12-week training plan. I have a road race coming up in mid-March so I would like to create a training plan to prepare for that event. Unfortunately, SYSTM does not seem to have the ability for me to create a training plan for that event. Under Cycling → Event Prep → Road, I am presented with Metric Century, Century, Mountainous Fondo, Criterium, and Time Trial. My road race is multiple laps around a 12-mile loop, which does not really fit any of the choices available. But worse, the app does not let me put in my event date and create a training plan based on that date. Is this feature coming soon?

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Hi @ktula, congratulations on finishing your first 12 week plan. No mean feat!

It is currently possible to set up a training plan with a specific end date. When you select the plan, choose the “end date” option then select your event date and everything will align including the taper to your event. Screen shot at the end of my reply.

The plans available cater to the most common event types. Your event sounds a little different. Without knowing enough about it, I’d suggest going for a “road” century or metric century, depending on the total distance you’re expecting to ride. If it is a short, fast event, consider the Crit plan or the TT plan. If it is some sort of epic 24-hour event, then I’m unsure. Probably, the 200-mile gravel plan will actually work really well. It sets one up for ELIC race endurance. If it is a particularly unique event, you might want to look into a custom training plan.

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Your road race probably has a time limit how long you are permitted to start a new lap.
You could supply more information if you need further help.

If you have for example 3 hours and one lap is 12 miles with 500 feet of elevation and you average slightly above 24mp/h you get 6 laps + 1 since you paced it perfectly to get one extra lap.
Now 7 laps of 12 miles equals 84 miles with 3500 feet of elevation and you can select a training plan which fits most closely.

Thanks for the response Lisa! The race is on a relatively flat course 12 miles in length with 115 of climb each lap for a total of five laps. If I choose an “end date” and I pick road “metric century” - I think this may be the closest to the event - the start date is sometime in the past, in December of 2021, not exactly ideal. I’ll give this a try though.

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You’ve come off a 12 week plan already, so fitness should be well on the up anyway. It’s the end of the plan that will be crucial as you’ll want the taper to align with your event. Sounds like the century plan will be just the ticket then! Good luck for your event and please post and tell us how it goes!