Individual videos- how do I do them?

Hi Everyone,
Is it possible to do individual sessions? I really want to do the drills on several times but can’t see how I do that. Is it possible? At the moment I am following a trianing plan but want to do these drills weekly at least.


Hi Ann,
Of course you can do extra sessions all you need to do is go to the workouts tab and start the video you want to do. Right now, we don’t have the ability to add it to your calendar as a regular session though.

In regards to your training plan, please make sure if you are adding this extra session in you are not running the risk of over training with too much volume. A better option would be to do it instead of another session.

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apologies, I must be blind! Where is the Workouts tab? I can only see Training Plans

It’s the Elements of Style I want to do regulalry!

On Desktop it is called ‘Workouts’ but on iphone it is called ‘Videos’ (sorry for the confusion).

Apologies- I don’t have the WOrkout tab on my Wndows tablet- see screen shot. WHere is it?

Hi Ann, you need to go from within the app itself either from

  • Desktop
  • Mac
  • IOS

If you are still struggling, please email the minions directly ( and they will be able to help you out :slight_smile:


If you do “Elements of Style” often enough, you will eventually learn to mute Carlton Kirby!