Injury Recovery - Suggestion on a training plan?

Hello Everybody!

I just got back on my bike this morning after 2-1/2 months recovering from a broken clavicle. 2020 was my best year on my bike yet, with over 2000 miles and before my accident I had increased my FTP to 271w, according to Zwift’s 20-min ramp test. I’m now switching over to SUF.

I’m eager to work hard through the winter to try and recover as much fitness as I can before next spring, so I’m looking for recommendations on how to work my way back into training.

Can you help with some recommendations of Training Plans? My goal is to get some endurance back (I was riding 50-70 miles, with 2 century rides this year) but definitely want to become a better climber.

Thanks everyone!! Cheers,

Pablo C. Branco

Hey Pablo, welcome back!
We have just added some transition plans into the app which may be a good place to start for you.
Alternatively as you are getting back into it there is always the kick-starter and/or the all-purpose road plan.
Don’t forget to treat yourself to a Full Frontal prep week first though :smiling_imp:

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Hi @PabloJ3 - welcome to SUF and glad to hear that your recovery from the old collarbone fracture (I’ve got a plate on my left collarbone) is going well and you’re getting ready to start training again. A couple things to keep in mind - after a couple of months off, your fitness is going to be a little lower than where you left off. The Transition Plans, specifically the Ramp Up option, would be a great 6-week build back into consistent training with SUF. You’d be doing our Ramp test called Half Monty in the first week, which is effectively set your MAP and FTP targets, as well as give a workable starting estimate for your AC and NM based on your MAP/FTP results as well as your age, gender, and weight. Once you complete the 6-weeks of transition (which ends with our Full Frontal, 4DP fitness test), you’ll be ready for a short break - say, maybe an easy week. Then you could start one of the 12-week plans like the All Purpose Road plan next. After those 12-weeks, you might want to take another rest week and then you could go for the Metric Century Plan or Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo plan either of which would end sometime mid/late June and have you ready for your 2021 riding goals. Good luck and happy riding!

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Hey Coach Neal! Thanks for the response. I got myself two plates and 14 screws! But am well on my way to recovery now. I like the plan and will do exactly what you said. Have already started my Transition UP!

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Hey @Coach.Neal.H and @Coach.Rupert.H - I have one more question for you guys, if you have a minute.

I’m now starting week 4 of my Transition UP training plan. Its all been great fun and I’m enjoying it a lot. My FTP number on the Half Monty test came back a lot lower than I thought at 170’s, instead of 271w about 3 months ago before my accident - that’s fine! Perhaps I figured the HR or Vo2 parts of the training held that number down. Not sure!

However, as I continue to do my workouts in the plan, they seem to have gotten quite easy. Perhaps easier than they’re supposed. I think because whenever I’m prescribed Z4 or Z6 heart rate for a certain power range, I never get there. I’m usually 10-20bpm lower now!

Not sure if I somehow botched the test? Or maybe my fitness is coming back quicker than imagined? Wondering what your sugestion would be: ratched up my FTP manually? Taking a new Half Monty test? Just waiting until the next test comes around?

Thanks a lot! Super enjoying SUF.



Hey @PabloJ3,

So good to hear you’re back in the saddle and doing well on your Transition Plan!
It’s hard to say why you’re outperforming the workouts set at your current target. You could insert another Half Monty test into week 4, just make sure you don’t do a high intensity session the day before it…maybe in place of the Igniter and GCN Strength Endurance workout, if you haven’t already done them…not sure of the timing of this message. If that’s already passed, choose one of the weekend days. That shouldn’t mess with the consistency or overall progress of your plan. And not to worry, you have Full Frontal scheduled at the end of week 6, so that will give you better numbers to move forward with anyway!


Thanks @Coach.Suzie.S for the quick answer. I can do that! Think I’ll do another Half Monty, probably in the weekend. I’ll let you know how that goes :slight_smile:


Awesome, best of luck and happy suffering! :slight_smile:

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