Stretching After Suffering is no longer in the Yoga section

My custom training plan coach assigned me my favorite post-ride yoga routine, Stretching After Suffering but I found that it is no longer part of the Sufferfest/SYSTM Yoga offerings. Is it by chance coming back? I love that routine!

Is it now called Side Bends? I noticed they changed a few names for some reason.

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Great question: I’m not sure, though there isn’t much side bending in the routine. There are now three stretching videos (cleverly named Stretching I, II, and III). I have done Stretching I and that isn’t it. I will see if it is one of the other two, now renamed.
Thanks for the information

I believe I found it. It is now Stretching routine III. I wouldn’t have thought to look for the same routine under a new name if you hadn’t mentioned it.

Thanks again


There is a mapping of old to new names at the bottom of this page:


Thanks, that’s very useful! So much info published about the new platform it’s easy to miss things. I’m sad the names have been sanitized and made, well, descriptive but so boring. I mean, Bomb the Quads changed to Leg Strengtheners - yawn… I guess Wahoo are making a point to quash all things Sufferlandrian in the workout names. But the yoga content from Abi is great, I love it.


Thanks. I saw that page but just glossed over it. I believe Naomi is correct. The word “suffer” is being expunged from the vocabulary

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It of interest, does anyone know what happened to “ Yoga in Couchlandria: In the Office”? It’s not on that list of name changes

That is one workout that has been removed. My understanding is that it wasn’t up to the same production standard as the others (I remember there being some quite distinct pauses and jumps in the editing) so it has been taken off the list.


Thanks @way9e0 I was just curious. I remember it now. The sudden wardrobe changes were interesting but the abrupt changes of position created a certain type of challenge!

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I remember it feeling a bit disjointed to do. There were definite breaks (fading to black screen from memory) between each exercise.