Longer cross-training yoga plans?

I am currently training for the Chicago Marathon following my own training plan. I’m still using Wahoo Systm for cross training (yoga, strength training) and some bike workouts that I throw here and there.

I was very happy that I was able to choose a strength training plan that run for 12 weeks. The strength plan looks comparable to what I followed when using Systm workouts for a hilly gran fondo (2 days/week and builds up with one recovery week every three hard weeks).

I think it would be great to have a similar 12-week plan for stand-alone yoga. When I did my hilly gran fondo I included yoga and I don’t think I ever repeated a yoga session in the 12-week plan. The stand alone yoga plans run for four weeks and after that I’ll have to repeat the exact same plan, move up in difficulty or add more days. I am currently doing 4 sessions/week and I can’t add more. Even when moving up in difficulty, the plan stays approximately 70% the same. After repeating all the sessions twice in eight weeks, I feel like I need something different. I guess that I can still choose a 12-week cycling plan with yoga and then remove all the cycling workouts but I think it should be more straight-forward to set up yoga x-training plans of variable lengths.


It would be great to have some more variation in the yoga plans. I’ve also found I’m repeating a number of the same yoga workouts.

If we could get some more four week plans at the existing levels, you could stack three of them together to get some good variation over a three month period.

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