Long term Yoga plan?

I must be missing the obvious, but I am looking for a some long term Yoga plan, no idea how to achive that now in system. (something like 12 weeks?)

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I don’t think there are any twelve week yoga plans. All of the existing plans are four weeks long. There have been requests every now and then to add some variety to these yoga plans, both in terms of getting some more focus on specific areas, as well as longer plans.

I load up a couple of the four week plans at a time, and pick the one I feel like doing on the day.

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Welcome to the forums @Henk-Jan_Kloosterman ! Like Sir @way9e0 says, the short answer is no. Also, scheduling individual session from the library is a bit of a pain too if you are looking to set up a lot of them.

I hope that one day there will be significant improvements in scheduling workouts in SYSTM. For example, I’d love to be able to copy and paste a day or a week or a month of activities.

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Try the cross-training tab. There you can select yoga only and you can use the skill level progressively or number of sessions per week, to create blocks to get you to 12 weeks or therabouts. Start with enthusiast 4sessions, then 7; and then move to expert 4 sessions per week, for example.