Mental Training

Is there a way to add the mental training as a block into my already created training plan without having to add each individual day one at a time. I have never been a fan of this kind of stuff (wellness, meditation, kinesology, homeopathy etc) and all the other weird stuff around these days that I have previously considered as a lot of kybosh but it’s on SYSTM and some on here have said it is well worth doing so I will give it a shot. Adding every day separately is a mental exercise in itself though.Thanks

you can do it through the plans

Plans > Cross training > Mental > Full Program

Definitely worth trying it. While there are some elements of visualisation/focus exercises in a couple of the modules, there’s a lot more to it around setting goals, monitoring progress, positive thinking, etc.

I’ve found it really valuable regardless of any scepticism I tend to carry. I’ve also done it a couple of times over the years for different goals, and in the first couple times I didn’t really engage with the visualisation (imagining yourself achieving your goal) exercises much, but when I did last time it was actually pretty cool when I did achieve the goal and it was very similar to how I had pictured it :slight_smile:


Many Thanks… added to my plan from next week

@rinaf You might be interested in this article about Annemiak van Vleutan. An interesting quote from the article focused on the value she placed on the mental side. Clearly it has an impact given how successful her career has been:

The mental aspect of high achievement is a topic which fascinates van Vleuten. She began working with her own mental coach more than a decade ago, and wants to work in the field upon her cycling retirement. “It’s more interesting than the physical side,” she said. She’s not just interested in advising athletes.