Training Plan 'Building Blocks' Are here!

Want to build your own training plan? Want to focus in a particular area for a few weeks? Our Sports Science Team has just launched three-week and four-week “Building Block” that you can use to create your own plan or to fill in the gaps between plans. There are five different building blocks including Base, Tempo, FTP, MAP, and AC/NM. You’ll find the blocks in the app under the ‘Special Focus’ category in the Training Plans tab. Tips on how to use them are here:


This is almost perfect. Now I just need to be able to drag and drop workouts into amd around the calendar as well as delete them and everything will be golden.


Me too! We’ve got that on our (very long) to-do list. I so badly want that done. In the meantime – while you can’t drag and drop – you can reschedule workouts. As a hack to ‘delete’ them you can also schedule them for far in the past or future (not ideal, I know, but sort of works).


It would be great if we could also scale the volume – obv nothing would prevent us from doing our own rides alongside the plan, but scaling the volume would be a great option.

Man also how cool would it be if you could scale the workouts themselves? There’s already intensity scaling (effectively, by energy system), how about scaling for duration as well?

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Great ! Any chance to have some of those plans with outdoor rides on the weekend? Regards


Great addition - look forward to giving one a go when I finish my current plan. I was looking for an alternative to doing another 12 week plan and this will work nicely

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It was great timing for me, I had about 18 months of constant advanced general road plans .I only missed a couple of rides during that time.It started grinding me down , I went off the boil, had trouble getting to power targets but there did not seem anything in the plans that would give a solution until now. I am much refreshed, and doing the basic block


@Martin that would tie in to my request to change the bars in the workout overview and the workout itself when the intensity is reduced.


This is great! Are there block plans in the works adding run/swim for the Suf triathletes?


Building blocks are a great addition, thank you for the new feature.

Two small wishes come to mind:

1. Scalability: How many days a week we can/want to exercise.

2. Running blocks:

I absolutely second this request. :slight_smile:


I am more interested in the hight of the bars rather than their colour. I do find with reduced intensity workouts a mis mash between effort level and power zone. I.E yesterday I was riding at a 1/10 intensity displaying on the workout, with the session calling for Z3 while the actual power suggested much lower.


Got my first membership and the first thing I noticed was there no block planning for triathlon. I really hope it gets some attention for development because it’s generally the most effective training system nowadays. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi SUF comrades.
Resuming this old post instead of starting a new one.

Just finished MAP Block plan and I found this awesome! Perfect match for me of volume and intensity.

Did yesterday the usual Saturday ride, and on a small climb of 7km I improved my best of 20 seconds with significant increase of average power (almost 20w).

I went from an August spent with a quite competitive gruppetto doing daily intervals 30/30, SFR (same of G.O.A.T.) mixed with long rides usually with hard climbs (10% average for 30 mins), but it seems that I reached an FTP plateau.

After FF of the end of August I choose this one to get ready for the 12w plan.
But I loved it. The evil genius who invented the week with 9H, Attacker and AVDP, has my eternal respect.

This friday did Fight Club at 105% without a problem, saying to myself: Wake up, they decreased it.

Now I’ve choosen the FTP Block for the next weeks. I see inside my dear friends Angels and ISLAGIATT as well as the nemesis ISLTA.
After I’ll go for another FF instead of HM.

But what happened to the Volcano Climb plan? I’ve lost it.