Micro Intervals

Solidly into my spring/summer CX training program for some fall races. Completed this yesterday -

Last of the micro interval sessions. Every bit as hard as some of the monster SUFF videos…would’ve been a hard ride as a standalone, rested and ready. Getting hit with it as the end-of-the-week, Sunday ride???

:hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:

Special ring of hell for that level of suffering.


Pain shakes! Looks yummy!


Was going to say that looked familiar. Nothing like nails and Pain Shakes.

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@CPT_A There are a lot of good workouts in the NoVid section. You just have to bring your own music (and video if needed).

that is precisely why I just can’t bring myself to TR. I need something, other than my own badassedness to distract me from the floggings :slight_smile:


Same here. I only do no vids outside or inside for longer efforts while watching a movie. Otherwise, I want video with music linked to the workout. This is why I use SYSTM and not TR.

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@Glen.Coutts Plus you can never leave😀 and TR is more expensive anyway but without the yoga, mobility and strength.

For the NoVids I try to record bike races to watch or alternatively just pick a music playlist on Spotify. I find it works well.

The progression series are very good and all of the GCN videos are there as well but under different names. I swap them in for situations like when I don’t want to do cadence builds for the 100th time.

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