Swap Workouts

In Systm, it would be great if participants could swap out the day’s designated workout for another with the same profile based on a list of alternative workouts with the same profile. After cycling through the program a couple of times, the same sessions start to pop up and it would be great to be able to swap them out for ones I have not done while maintaining the designated workout profile for the day. I suppose I could do it manually but it would be nice to have a choice of preselected similar workouts picked out by the experts at Wahoo. Not sure if this thought is shared by others.


Was going to say, I do this all the time using the filter options, but your point is well taken and would be a worthwhile addition.

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This is something I often do. Doing it manually requires to sort and filter workouts by TSS and IF several times and trying to spot similarities in the profiles. Sometimes it is easy (with almost all “Inspiration” rides, or with swapping “Primers” for “AWWPG Openers”. But most of the SUF workouts are so unique that it is difficult to determine a valid substitute in the library. When the Sufferfest introduced GCN sessions into their library there was a blog post suggesting which workouts you can swap for which SUF session if you were on a plan and wanted to give it a try. (I only found this copy of the previous blogpost which does not seem to exist anymore.)
According to that post

  • “GCN Strength Endurance” could be a substitute for “G.O.A.T.” or “Power Station”
  • “GCN Endurance Ride” could substitute “Who Dares” or “The Rookie”
  • “GCN Muscular Efforts At Threshold” could be done instead of “Hell Hath No Fury” or “Thin Air”
    and so on …

That said the most GCN rides are shorter than most SUF workouts. So that list was handy if I was short on time but still wanted to comply to a plan as much as possible.
So it would be really beneficial if for any given workout there was a suggestion for possible alternatives which target roughly the same training outcome. Otherwise it is mostly very difficult to spot similarities from the profiles only, especially when it comes to cadence instructions, which can make a huge difference.