Training plan changes

As a long time subscriber, I’ve noticed the training plans are not what they used to be. Less selections. No longer can choose to focus on my weaknesses or at least direct areas to improve. Unfortunately, the plans have documentaries that might be interesting but are subtitled. I end up being bored/frustrated by this and just turn the video off and ride with music or audiobook. Due to the dumbing down of the training plans I am less interested (the whole reason for a smart trainer and training plan) , bored and not motivated. Can we return to the pre-wahoo Sufferfest training plans. Much better value, engagement culture, and programs.

Part of the point of 4DP is that every plan is adapted to your strengths and weaknesses. Almost any plan you choose will improve you in all areas.

There are goal-focused plans (e.g. gran fondo, climbing, TT, multi sport, etc.).

Everybody is different but I don’t share your feeling of dumbing down.

I have found, in the two training plans that I have followed, that the workouts recommended to you to remedy your weaknesses are not always in your training plan. I have picked training plans that targeted both my weakness and my goals.

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I won’t comment on the 4DP focus on the training plans as others have and can comment more to that than I. On the other hand, the new Inspiration videos are meant only to replace the reduced intensity workouts to save those videos for 100% intensity efforts. Some of the new videos are very interesting while others admittedly don’t always appeal to all riders. As always, you are free to replace them with other videos if you choose, or minimize them or shut off the video and watch other videos or listen to other music if you wish. But, the training plans should be pretty much the same, other than the reduced intensity switcheroos.