Mountain Fondo - Tough

Hi all,

I am on week 4 of Mountain Fondo Training Plan. My weakness: Sustained Efforts.

Is this plan supposed to be “very” tough ? I have been cracking (not hitting power targets) by the end of - what I consider - key workouts which happens every Monday and Thursday in the terms of Shovel, There Is No Try, Team Scream … I have been enjoying it but I am starting to consider my 4DP values are too high (using the same numbers I got before a 3 weeks off training period).

My plan is to keep pushing through, but this plan reminds me of Volcano Climbing which was very tough> So, I just want to confirm if this is what I should be expecting.

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Short answer: Yes. However, you should find these activities becoming easier over time. The key is to do as much as you can If you need to drop the intensity to complete, do so, but only as much as needed to complete. Violator, for instance, adjusts each set DOWN so that the initial intensity is NM but by the end it’s MAP. (BTW, since we went to 4DP I’ve not been able to successfully complete this series but that’s due to my health). There’s a blog on how best to approach these workouts as well.


I’ve just finished a 12 week Mountainous Grand Fondo plan in preparation of my own Mt Sufferlandria: Liege-Bastogne-Liege

The plan is tough, during the hard weeks I had to prepare myself mentally for each session, starting the day before. During the sessions I gave myself a target: I picked an interval roughly 2/3 of the way and told myself that I could go to Level mode after that. Sometimes I did, most of the times it was only 1/3 left, so I may as well carry on.

Level mode is great to swap to: not only does it allow you to continue without encountering the ERG spiral of death, it also gives that slightly more realistic road feel to the workout.

You’ll be doing a HM in about 2 weeks time, if your numbers are indeed too high, it will show up.

Happy suffering, you’ve got this!


On the mental aspect I find myself doing the same as you. From the night before I am just thinking about the workout and telling myself to just ‘go as hard and as far as the legs can’. I try not to beat myself over it when I don’t hit the targets, although is hard from time to time.

Level mode is interesting. I started doing endurance and recovery workouts + the 10 minutes warm-up in level mode. It does feel different (harder?).

Something interesting I found, and I hope the coaches can find give their input here, is that in level mode my HR goes higher than in ERG for the same power. Is it because of the concentration and NM coordination to keep a smooth power ? Or, is it the anxiety I feel to hit the power and cadence targets ? I would go with the latter.

BTW your Liege-Bastigne-Liege is inspiring; what a ride ! chapeau !

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So, just did HM as part of the Mountain Fondo plan last Saturday.
MAP: -6W
FTP: +4W

I do not know how to take this as:
-did the test early in the morning (feeling a bit sluggish)
-Today managed AVDP except for the last sprint with the new numbers

AVDP used to have be DONE at Cancellara and today I managed to go all the way the the last sprint before I couldn’t hit the power targets, not comfortable, but for AVDP that is an achievement (although it seems the workout has been modified to lower power targets).

So I am not sure if:

  1. keep going with these numbers
  2. update MAP to previous (I did manage to finish up Do As you’re told earlier at 100%)
  3. retest on during next rest week

This being a mountain program it’s normal that FTP is the main focus; I just want to get the most out of it =)

What’s the take of those with experience of ups and downs? Until now I have been used to seeing my numbers increase (MAP / FTP) with each HM.


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Hey @Reynaldo_Lopez ,
Your numbers are fine. You’re doing so much endurance work that your MAP may take a small hit but 6 watts is really no big deal. You can update your MAP with previous numbers. No need to retest. Keep on going with the plan. Don’t focus too much on the numbers. You may have had some residual fatigue built up from your previous weeks training loads.How’re you feeling riding outdoors? By the time you get to your event you should have a good level of fitness with a reduced fatigue level. Keep on keepin" on!



Thanks for the advise @Coach.Spencer.R

Outdoor rides are feeling really good. I feel I can get in control of a sustained pace on a climb or flat (high pace) easier than before and somehow faster recovery even though not much AC workouts are on the plan.

I will put MAP as it was before ahead of Defender coming up (it should get very spicy with the increased FTP).