Moving days in a HIM training plan

Long time reader, first time poster.

I’m using one of the Systm plans for my first 70.3 this coming spring. I have the plan manipulated so that the swims fall on days that I actually have pool access. Unfortunately, that also means that the longest, hardest days of training are on Fridays, which is the day that I have the least amount of time for training. As is, most Fridays are a relatively long bike, followed with a hefty brick run. Some of those days call for 3-4 hours of training, which just doesn’t work with my Friday schedule.

Can I flip Fridays and Wednesdays? They’re both the same bike/brick, but the current Wednesdays are much more manageable. 30 minute ride, 20 minute run.


Hello @mithesaint

Great job altering your 70.3 plan to fit your swim schedule. Flipping your longer brick day with your shorter brick day should not have a negative impact on your training plan. If you were to complete two brick sessions back to back this of course I would not recommend, so having a lower intensity day following the longer brick session I would highly recommend so you can hit the key sessions hard. Where you can, spread out your runs so that you are not completing 3 runs in a row or a super high intensity interval run followed by a longer run session.

You could always schedule a call with a coach if you have and concerns.

Happy Training!!!