Multiple Cycling Workouts in Day

I’m about to start my third week of my Cycling Transition Ramp Up plan. On Saturday I have 2 cycling workouts scheduled: 1. GCN Ready, Steady, Go and 2. G.O.A.T. Do I complete these back to back, or can I split them up, one in the morning, one in the afternoon? I also assume I should do them in the order they are on the calendar (top one first)? Thank you for your help!

Ready, Steady, Go is a warm up rather than a full work out. I think the aim would be to do these rides back to back.


As @Alistair_Brown says…^^

And as you get more used to using the platform, you’ll get used to the use of workouts such as GCN Ready Steady Go (or Igniter possibly) as pre workouts.

For example, even if I’m in a plan, if I have one if the hard workouts scheduled and I have time - I always do GCN RSG as a warmup, take 5mins or so, then go for whatever is next. For me - that’s fir the tough VO2 type workouts.


If you have yoga or strength as part of your program, I’d also try to do those in the order they’re presented. If the yoga is an activation session, it will usually be scheduled before the workout; if it’s a recovery session, it will most likely be scheduled after.

For the back-to-back bike workouts, if your schedule only allows you to do them by splitting them up, then that’s fine, but I think they’re normally intended to be done back-to-back. It’s OK to take a few minutes between them.


As with the other nobility, if you can do the rides back-to-back all the better. If you have Ready-Steady-Go or Igniter, you really, really, should do all the rides as one block as the first is designed to fire up your body for the seconds efforts. If you are time constrainted, it might be best to drop the first effort to ‘save up’ for the second in this case. If both efforts are equal but address different issues, the separation might be best to get you to complete both. This weekends Women’s Racing is a great example. Who Dares followed by Half The Road might be too much in one go.


Thank you all for the great answers! That is what I assumed but wanted to confirm.