Never schedule on specific day of the week

When making a plan… is there a way to tell it to never schedule a workout on a specific day of the week?

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No I don’t think that’s possible at the moment. But you can always reschedule your workout to another day in the calendar.


I wish for rescheduling it would allow a shifting option. I rather not get it out of order. Maybe just delay the next set of sequential workout days by one.

I wouldn’t worry about getting out of order. Just try to avoid piling up more hard days in a row than the plan calls for.

Most plans usually have a certain day of the week that either has no workouts, or only has short/easy workouts. When selecting your plan, you can choose which day to start or end on. And by shifting around the start date and previewing the plan’s schedule you can match up that day with the day you want to keep open.

For instance, I use Sundays as my rest day. So, I usually adjust the start day of my workout plans so that the easiest day or the day that most often has no workouts is a Sunday. Then, if there are any straggler workouts that fall on a Sunday, I can either ignore them, delete them, or reschedule them to a different day.


Great idea!


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I was coming to ask something similar, well… I have just started a 3 month plan, but there are two periods I will be away from home for 3 or 4 days and can’t train. Are my only real options to delete those days from my calendar? I can’t edit the plan and move the finish back a week for it to move the sessions back, or anything like that?

Also, while I’m here, instead of the 2 hour endurance rides, I’m just heading out and cycling for 4 hours outdoors. Do I/can I enter that onto my calendar to get credit for them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Kinda. You can add an Open ride(s) of approximately the length from the Library and mark them complete. You’ll get credit for the hours, but the TSS won’t be exactly right. If you care about that, get a free Training Peaks account and connect it to SYSTM and to you bike computer. Then TP will be a more accurate system of record. (You can do that with Strava also—or can use both.). Whatever you do, your body will give you credit whether or not the workout shows up in the app!

You have three options.

  1. You can delete (or just leave unridden) the missed workouts.

  2. You can move rides around to avoid missing important ones, but this will still cut out days from the plan.

  3. Advanced solution. (I’ve never done this, but think it will work.). Note the end date for your plan. Then delete the plan (it will only delete future rides, not the ones you’ve already done). Then set up a new plan with an end date 4 days (or however long you missed) after the original end date. I think that will fill in the remaining plan starting from where you left off. (You might be able to add the new, different end date plan first and then delete the old one. Could be safer.)

I thought of another solution. Leave the plan as us, just click on the last unridden ride when you start the workout. For example, if you rode on Sunday then missed Monday through Thursday, on Friday, just do the unridden ride from Monday (then delete the Monday ride to keep track if where you are so you can always just do the last unridden ride).

I do pilates on Wed so do not like to ride. Avi0nic raised a good question. It would be a good option to be able to tell the plan what days we do not want to ride during plan setup

Thanks @AkaPete, I like option 3 actually. A quick look suggests it will work.

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