Never under estimate the power of the blender

Today it was time for another blender workout. Having done this 4 times before I was a bit nervous as I know how hard this one is but having added 5% to a few other workouts I felt I would do the same with this one… BIG MISTAKE!! Whether I was just tired or not recovered enough (was a rest day yesterday) but I managed just about to get halfway through and was totally shattered and was going to hit the “eject” button for the first time since I joined SYSTM. I paused the workout for a couple of minutes to get my breath back and to get some life back in my legs and decided to remove the +5% and try to carry on, which I did. I managed to get through the rest but not without extending the recovery bits by about 30 secs each and sweating twice as much as normal… Now, did +5% make that much difference or was I having a bad day??


Yes. :wink:

“I added +5% to Blender” he says.



First, like the title says: “Never underestimate the power of blender”.

5% would be decent gains for anyone at any point so yeh, it could make a LOT of difference. I know for myself, at least atm, I would not have 5% more to give in any metric (except for maybe Sprinting) but especially so on repeat which is what Blender is all about.

It could also be you weren’t recovered enough. Was this part of a set training plan?


As @CPT_A said, YES. I did a training block where two of my rides each week were increased 5% - 10%. I can fully appreciate what you went through. The only difference was none of mine were Blender. My coach wanted to push me, not kill me!


Thanks, yes it was part of my training plan but my last and only 4DP was in July and as I had been adding +5%s onto a few sessions and getting away with it I thought I would do so on this one. I have a Half Monty coming up in a few weeks in the plan and I was hoping that since July I should have made some decent progress as I haven’t missed a session. Interesting to see what the Half Monty throws up


Ha,ha… thanks, this was worse than doing the full frontal! My legs have never hurt so much, I couldn’t keep the cadence up and ended up grinding out the last 4 min effort at around 60rpm