Blender first time

Week 2 of my training plan ended with an intro to the Blender workout. Ouch. I completed it but skipped one 40x20 interval, did two of the time trial intervals at 3min vs 4 and stopped pedaling for recovery intervals. (The relative effort on Strava was 155 so I don’t feel like I was slacking. :wink:) What was the first time like for you?


My first time trying Blender back in 2020, resulted in me pausing halfway through the third set of pain shakes and skipping to the cool down. I had only been in Sufferlandria for about three months at the time and it really felt like I’d been defeated. About six months later I tried again and got through it by backing down to about 80% during that last set of pain shakes and for the rest of the routine. Since then I’ve managed to do it at 100% four more times, but it’s still one of the toughest!


Does this tell you how it was? All those lines dropping below the target power showed what a mess it was, I had zero stamina. :joy:

But I love seeing that, because then I can compare it to 2 years later (having done it 4 times in between, but one of those I bailed on with 30 minutes to go)


Great progress! Thanks for sharing that. Here’s mine. Our numbers are pretty close except for cadence, since I coasted on the recovery intervals.

“True Confessions of a Blender Virgin” coming this fall on Netflicks! :rofl:


First attempt, needed a couple of breathers, but otherwise not too bad.:sunglasses:

Second attempt ……… and promptly brought crashing back down to earth! :hot_face::hot_face:
A recent half monty saw a big jump in my numbers from a previous FF.
Bailed on the first set of pain shakes and skipped the rest completely.

Welcome to the Sufferfest! :smiling_imp:


Based on those dates it looks like you need a new visit to Blender. :slight_smile:

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Thought I’d done it fairly recently, but last done March 22 :flushed:

Had been planning Tool Shed as a wee warm up before National SUF day but it looks like it’s got to be Blender :joy: