New to system quick question

I am new to system plans… I selected metric century, the first two weeks has two workouts on the calendar for the first workout of each week… one from suferfest and other GCN … I am guessing you choose one or the other for that day depending on how your feeling or do you do both work outs since both are around 30 mins


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Welcome Kirk. If there are two workouts on the calendar you are to do both, generally in the order listed. Have fun!


You are supposed to do both. If you are not up for it or having a bad leg day, you can reschedule one of the workouts to the next day.

You are supposed to do both workouts, back to back if you can in the order listed with a short break for resupply/Loo. If you can’t do this, then do one early and the other late. If you can’t do that, then move one to a day with lesser load. The idea is to do all of the rides, but if you can’t, don’t fret. The idea is to do at least 80% of the efforts. BTW, don’t try to go too hard on the recovery weeks. They are setup that way for a reason.

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