No Rider Type in SYSTM?

I was about half way through my All Purpose training plan in Sufferfest when transitioning to SYSTM. I just completed the Half Monty ramp test in SYSTM so I was trying to look around to see what ‘Rider Type’ SYSTM considered me. I’ve searched and searched (nothing in Athlete Profile, nothing in Progress) and haven’t been able to find it. I always found it interesting to see what type of rider Sufferfest considered me (Sprinter/Attacker/Pursuiter/Time Trialist/Climber/ Rouleur) and when it would tell me what my strengths and weaknesses were. I see my 4DP Profile but I don’t have much basis to understand numbers forNM/AC/MAP. Was the Half/Full Monty ‘Rider Type’ test result removed from SYSTM? If not, where can I find it? Otherwise why was it removed?

Is it not in the athlete profile? You need to scroll down to see your rider type.

Not for me, at least in Win10 and Android.

Athlete Profile only shows 4DP (NM/AC/MAP/FTP) and cTHR/Heart Rate Zones.

Hmm I just checked mine on Desktop and you have to scroll quite aways to find in under athlete profile.

There for me.
Right after the cTHR zones in Athlete Profile

For those that can see a Rider Type. What OS are you running SYSTM on?

I’ve scrolled all the way down on Win10 and Android and there’s nothing any further down after cTHR/Heart Rate Zones.

Have you completed a Full Frontal test? Or just the Half Monty test?

Half Monty does NOT assign a rider type. You can only get a rider type by completing the Full Frontal test.

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I’ve only done the Half Monty.

That’s interesting, I’ve never done Full Frontal but I seem to recall at one point Sufferfest had assigned me a Rider Type. I guess I’ll have to wait until December when I ride Full Frontal.



May GvA have mercy on your soul
evil laugh

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Expand the window to full size first then you should be able to get the rest of the page

Why not just do a Full Frontal tomorrow? I know we all build it up like it’s the end of the world, but it’s really just a snapshot. I mean, sure, I almost puked during my #FF today, but I almost puke every time. You get used to it.


It might help to think of FF as just a hard workout. And to get a baseline you don’t have to be fully tapered for it. Just don’t take it the day after 9 hammers, or 14 vice grips, or the… ah um maybe just throw in a rest day or two.

There are only 26 minutes and 14 seconds of hard intervals in FF. It has an IF=1.0 by definition. I think there are still workouts in Sufferlandria with a higher IF.


I’m currently in the middle of a training plan and I don’t see much benefit to adding Full Frontal mid plan. I completed Half Monty last week and I’m currently adapting to the higher FTP level… Yesterday 2/3rds through The Chores, I had to dial it back FTP about 10% in order to finish. I could handle the 1 min efforts but the 5 minute sections were killing me. Hopefully another 4-5 weeks of training at the higher FTP will have me in prime shape for Full Frontal.

BTW… Does Full Frontal give any power targets for the sprint/5m/20m/1m sections? I read " How to get your most accurate Full Frontal Results" but didn’t see any mention of whether power targets were in the test. I feel like if you’ve never done FF before, it might take a few attempts to get an idea for what you can handle.

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You may want to do any open vid in level mode to 1) test levels that work best for different efforts and 2) get a good sense of what your Sprint power is. As for the 1 min you can get a solid sense of that with The Omnium or The Trick. I think that FF does recommend targets based on your current app settings though.


Yes, FF does recommend targets. I don’t know whether those targets are your current numbers or whether they’re goal numbers. I think they’re current.

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FFs recommended numbers are current, so if you think you can go harder, set a sensible value above them

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