No video sound after pausing workout

Hi, recently I’ve noticed the sound drops out on videos after I pause a video/workout. The video resumes, just no sound. Pausing and unpausing or adjusting the speaker volume fails to resolve the issue.
The workouts have been downloaded and played back on a laptop, I don’t have Wifi in my workout space, hence the download.
Any clues as to why this is happening mostly appreciated.

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@Willard79 It has been a while since I had that issue but at the time I was able to resolve it by going into the menu and toggling music/sound off and then on again. Hope that works for you.


Suddenly started having the same issue yesterday (on TBTiTW). Will give this a shot - thanks!


Pausing the suffering shouldn’t have consequences? Maybe this is a GvA-inspired re-design of the interface… if you exhibit such couchlandrian tendencies, maybe you SHOULD suffer in silence for a while…