Non-black bottle cage storage packs

Does anyone know of any companies that make bottle cage storage tubs that aren’t black?

Wife wants one for Christmas but wants something colourful but all I can find is black with the occasional white writing. Are there any bright purple or red ones out there?

I like these:

Kaze Carbon cages

But maybe still not enough colour for your wife’s taste :grinning:

Supacaz do an “oil slick” look on theirs. They call it a “fly cage” if you search for those keywords.

She has colourful cages, it is the chopped down bottle toolbox that we are after. One of these:


Aha. Misunderstood, sorry.

I have no further suggestions :confused:

There’s a brand called Carnac which make what looks a bit more like a hard glasses case but are designed to go in bottle cages, with a range of colours.

I’ve seen them in the UK - I’m not sure where you are or if they are available there?


Absolutely perfect, I’m in the UK and they only cost a quid!


And with pictures on for 49p, she can have one for every day of the week!

The gift that keeps on giving. You could make her a Carnac advent calendar.


“A brand called Carnac”? Oh how the mighty have fallen. My old Carnacs are still my favorite road shoes ever. They are legend - but…not a thing anymore? I have a sad. :cry:

Sorry, no idea. I thought it was a place in Brittany tbh. I haven’t been but a friend has, otherwise I would not have heard of that one either.


USED to be a mainstay of the pro peleton. I do believe they (the company) are associated w the town. I have both their old Ligne Pro’s and Quartz… :heart:

I just got round to ordering these and noticed that Carnac is now owned by Planet X.

Salsa cycles do a silver coloured one with colourful graphics

I’ve already spent £1.50 getting three Carnac ones, hopefully she will be happy with those, but I’ll check Salsa just in case, as a backup.