Nov 13 - Bucket List attempt

A few years ago, I created a bucket list. I highly recommend it. My goal is to check off one item per year, at least. On my list, is to repeat something I last did when I was in high school 33 years ago: ride 100 miles in a day. A big leap for someone who had ridden only 1 year out of the last 33 … and that was about 10 years ago.

So, nearly two years ago I joined Sufferfest and got back into cycling. I’ve progressed to the point where I have ridden 100km, twice. I think I am ready for 100 miles … which should be enough … if it weren’t for that remaining cycling badge. Prior to the SYSTM change, I had achieved all the Sufferfest cycling, yoga, and MTP badges except for KoS. Somehow, I feel life won’t be complete without Knighthood. If I have suffered for 6 hours or so to go 100 miles, why not suffer a few more to reach the castle?

My plan for Nov 13:
The Rookie
Power Station
A Very Dark Place
Best Thing in the World
Thin Air
The Wretched

I feel my bike and legs are ready. Videos are downloaded. Nutrition and hydration reasonably planned. I just need my back and bottom to cooperate for the duration. Let the suffering begin!


Congratulations! Once the decision is made the rest happens.

If not done already I highly recommend going through the various KoS threads on this forum as there is a wealth of knowledge on here. From ironing boards to butt cream to sweet and savoury you’ll find it all. And need much of it.

Crush it!


Enjoy your suffering.

I have to add, the 9 hours inside are a lot harder then outside. I do a 100miles every week, have no problem riding 300km outside (solo) but the KoS ride almost killed me.

Just remember to scale down the effort on time (I didn’t until I got cramps half way through)

All that said: You’ll crush-it, for sure :+1:
Good luck tomorrow


Hey, I applaud this! I’m doing something similar and repeating a ride I tried 18 years ago and didn’t finish - Breathless Agony (100 miles, 12k ft).

It’s in June and I’m doing the hard work of training for it!


This is kind of how I ended up doing my KOS attempt last year.

I tried for a 100km ride. Then decided to keep up my training to do a 100 mile ride the next month.

Once I got that far I was in good enough shape to go the whole hog and go for my KOS.

It’s not exactly the same, but close enough.

You’ve got this!


Let the suffering begin. First up The Rookie.



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Go get it!

3 down. 7 to go. So glad to have Revolver in my rear view mirror.


1/2 way. Onto The Best Thing in the World


Going to need more towels! Keep cranking!

It’s not the best thing though. lol.

Definitely feeling it. Even the warmup on #7 hurts. I am beginning to hate the color orange. At 89 miles so far.


#7 is halfway!! It’s all downhill from here except for all the uphill bits. Keep it up!!


You got this - keep up the momentum!

This is where it bites. You’ve got this!!!

Thanks for the encouragement. On number eight now. Just thinking of keeping the legs spinning.


Awesome…in the bag now. How many bananas left?

That’s all you gotta do now. Do. Not. Stop. Pedalling.

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