"Nuclear" - $10 donations?

I am probably just being really grumpy here as I am tired already after 2 hard stages but…

It is getting a bit “old” to see so many posts about going “nuclear” (whatever the heck that means). In the same way graphs incur a donation to DPF can we have the same anytime someone mentions the blasted “nuclear” term.

Whether knowingly or not, people constantly going on about nuclear and how well they’re doing could be construed by others that they are not suffering enough.

It doesn’t matter what intensity folks do the Tour at - it’s all in aid of DPF and a good cause and everyone who takes part will suffer mightily, nuclear or not.

Rant over!


Fortunately, I am too old to care what other people think. Nonetheless, I think what people are really doing is psyching themselves up. If they publicly declare they are going 100% for all the workouts, they will be afraid to back down when the going gets rough.


I like a good rant! I am chronically grumpy and I can see how it can become a little tiresome but honestly, I don’t mind at all. I’m just happy to see people being active and take most posts in SUF with a grain or two of evaporated Holy Water.

It’s kind of like Strava. I remember a discussion a few years back with someone who refused to give “kudos” to anyone riding less than 50km and certainly wouldn’t give one for someone walking their dog. A local cycling friend said she gives everyone kudos for simply being active doing whatever makes them feel good. That’s the approach I’ve adopted on Strava too and it’s trickled over into other areas of my life.


Do find it a bit tedious, 99 times out of 100 it just means your numbers are out. I know my MAP and AC are 5-10% below and I’m still scraping by on reduced targets despite good prep.

Dude, did someone pee in your pudding today? Just kidding, its ok to rant sometimes.

Your post reminds me of the old joke: the seven dwarves were all in the bath feeling happy. Then happy got out of the bath and they started feeling grumpy instead.




Brilliant - not heard that one before @NormtheChelseaboy . I think I may have peed myself with the effort going into completing Fight Club!

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was that a nuclear effort or…?

P.S. sorry, couldn’t help myself. I’ll report to flogging station #471

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Well, Nuclear is one of the options for doing the Tour, and as valid as any other choice.

There may be some who’ve not done a recent test. There are others who have been training for months in order to do so with a recent test. Personally I don’t begrudge the latter of their bragging rights. They’ve earned it.

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Is this kind of like in chasing legends where the guy in the back group climbing the mountains asks the group to stop talking as there’s people suffering back here?


AWESOME, you win the internet today

Remember none of us get paid to ride, so just keep having fun.

NICE! Norm Very Nice! Never heard that one