Over lap of training plan

Hi all,
Im 8 weeks into the all purpose plan due to end 2nd March. I did a half monty test last week and made a good increase of 28w on my ftp taking me to 325.

I have recently entered the Fred Whitton Challenge which is on the 8th May which is 112miles with 12000ft elevation. I did this event last year and im hoping to knock 20 mins off my PB to a sub 7hr.

I would be gratful of any advice in adding new plans as there seems to be an over lap of my current plan and the gran fondo plan, should I cancel the current plan to start the new plan or is there a better option such as targeted blocks.

6 weeks after this event I also have a hilly 300k event booked, what are peoples thoughts on recovery between events and what training to focus on.

Many thanks for any advise.

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I got nothing for you (except admiration and jealousy) but moved your post to the Training Plans topic. It may get more attention here. Good luck with whatever you decide to do and especially on the FWC. Welcome to the forums @Karl17 !

Thank you Glen.:+1:t4:

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Hey, depending on what kind of responses you get here, and depending how important your goal attainment is, you might want to consider dropping a few bucks to make a call with a coach. I’m not trying to sell these by the way, as I’ve never used one myself, but I have heard good things from at least one other. Also, I don’t work for Wahoo or get any kind of kick back. Just thinking you might benefit.