The personal training block

I’ve tried wahoo’s official training blocks already.

Just finished a 3 month mountain rondo.
Seeking for a new routine now.
I have some basic concepts of TSS and IF
And trying to make a personal training block

Anyone have suggestions or tips for me?

Hey @poki921 ,
Great job on completing the mountainous gran fondo plan. How did it go for you? What worked,?What was missing for you? Did you include yoga? Strength? MTP? Were your goals met? What are your goals for your next plan? All these questions could be answered in a chat with a coach as well as hammering out a template for your personal plan or a customized plan. If your intent on doing it yourself, listen to as many of the Knowledge podcasts as you can and this one in particular:


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Thanks for your feedback Spencer

Let me tell some more details of my training
I finished the 4dp test about 5 months ago
I tried some training blocks and getting familiar with the systm

About three months before I choose a mountain rondo and tend to complete it

Most of the sessions are finished as well besides Some of the hard ones like 9 hammers (at least finished)

About one month ago
I did a half monty test and the value is about the same

FTP 209 to 210
MAP 242 to 257

I wish to pump up my FTP

Needs to be honestly I skipped most of the strength sessions And some of the endurance sessions (Switch by outdoor training )

I’ll have an event about one month later.
It’s kind of tough one for me (54km 2700m climbing)
It’s also a concern for me to make my plan.

Hey poki921,
Did you just come off your MGF plan with an event? Did it end this weekend or last weekend?

Here’s how to book a chat with a coach:
You can also email Rupert, our coaching coordinator for more questions and also to inquire if we have a coach tha speaks your native language :