Planned tweaks to training plans?

With indoor season soon upon us (in the Northern hemisphere), how likely is it to see more tweaks or updates to training plans - eg more variety or seeing things like mobility built in?

I’ve got enough On Location and Pro Rides left to hunt badges until Christmas, but just wondering when I dial into a plan… :grinning:

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How about ability to say how many hours a day and what days you can ride? Then allow updates to this schedule as you go! Please!!??



What’s the point in saying I can ride 7 hrs a week and want Sunday to be my “big” day when the app gives me 5 workouts a week and the big ride is 1hr 30mins?

Is it a case that this doesn’t fit with the company philosophy? As a user I want to be able to say I can do 2-3 short workouts in the week and a long ride at the weekend and for the software to plan the workouts for me on this basis.


I don’t think it has anything to do with WahooX philosophy but rather with practical limitations. Currently, that level of personal customization is something a coach does. They’d design a plan based on your detailed inputs/requirements and also adapt that plan based on how you respond to the workouts. So, far I don’t think any platform has the level of sophistication and automation where it can do that, and it will take some time and research to develop it. Right now, it seems to me that WahooX has designed a large library of plans that it chooses among base on the inputs you give it in the selection wizard, and then adjusts the levels in the plan workouts based on your 4DP test results. That’s pretty good and there is some ability to customize things on your own, but it’s still canned plans with workouts that adapt only after a 4DP test. Having fully customized adapting plans automatically generated by the platform is some distance off.

The biggest problem with that type of automation is that, for the foreseeable future, such a system could not factor in life contingencies, and external stress.

Xert does allow you to outline parameters for your training, and makes daily training suggestions based on your current goals, current fitness, and fatigue. You still have to adjust for life events and external stress which the system has no way of knowing.

The WahooX/Sufferfest training plans, IMHO, are still superior to the current Xert adaptive training plans. Their fitness signature does seem to align approximately with 4DP.

Life contingencies and external stress would have to be input as they happen, like would be done with a live coach. Given money and time to do the research and software implementation, I see no reason why this could not be done. Heck, at some point you’ll be able to talk to it and get an understanding ear and pep talk.

That functionality supposedly exists with the AI personal trainer Vi. I stopped following it when they did not develop a cycling unit.

I believe TrainerDay and Pillar are currently working such programs currently. I do not ever think an AI program will ever replace an experienced coach but for us weekend warriors I believe that they can go a long way towards making us the best we can be. We just need to see Wahoo Xand RGT jump into the fray!

I do, certainly the adaptive training/analysis part if the necessary resources were put to it. Getting the “human” interaction part will take a little longer. “Hey, Wahoo…”