Training Plan Recommendations (XC MTB)

Hey everyone,

I have been using Systm for a while now, and have been following the plans fairly well.

However, I am now at the point I really want to focus on structure and improving for Nationals, which will be about 18 weeks away from the time I start the plan. I really like Systm, but I recently got a TR trial just to look at their structured plans and I like how they split it up into base, build and prep phases, however, I am unsure if this is optimal.

In short, I would just like some recommendations. Should I continue with Systm? If so, should I do a Season Prep MTB Marathon plan (High Volume), followed by an XC MTB plan (High Volume)? Any other recommendations?

Thanks for your time.

@Beau_Goddard SYSTM is more about HIIT than base, build, prep. There are some building block plans in SYSTM if you want to go that route. Check out the article below on building base:

Also check out this article on the building block plans:

I race STXC and also Marathon and have found both the offseason and in season MTB plans to be very helpful. Generally I start on the XC in-season plan in late spring when most of my races are shorter and then move to marathon mid-summer for longer events.

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