Power Station....every time I do the workout

…when that guy comes to the door and rings the bell selling doughnuts or whatever my dog goes crazy, runs upstairs and barks like a lunatic for 10 minutes, then comes back down looking very proud of himself for chasing the Counchlandrian away. And my wife never has any idea why he does it.



Hahahah this is hilarious. My spaniel does the same

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I suggest you both record a video of your dogs chasing the couchlandrian away from the door. Then the minions can incorporate the footage into an updated version of the video. The footage preferably should fit into the video right after the interval, which is interrupted by the doorbell. The footage should then further be polished by the dogs giving high fives to a laser goat.


The Labrador would probably wag his tail at a Laser Goat. The Spaniel would (I guarantee) either ignore it entirely or chase it into Couchlandria. Unsure which.


Power Station for lunch after nine hammers yesterday, who the hell had the idea of a standing minute @ the 6 & 7 intervall … wholy s!%t, Quintara on 8 was so impressing that i almost missed the recovery part. lol