Power Station

Power Station is one of my favorites. Did it last night and that part where is pauses and says if your face doesn’t look like this you are not going hard enough. Mine didn’t…bumped it up by 10% and the last stage I was in agony. It was glorious. I get such a high from just barely completing Power Station.

Adjusting my schedule and doing a Ramp Test tomorrow.

Such a huge fan of Sufferfest.




+1 Agree 100%.


Power Station ruined me today…

My plan had me do “Full Body 16” strength workout before Power Station. It was brutal. I could not hit the cadence targets in the last interval, I was spent.

It was glorious :smiling_imp:

Honestly though, who manages to hit all cadence targets in the workout? You should get a badge for that!

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The other day my plan had me do Power Station and G.O.A.T. back to back! It wasn’t as bad as I’d feared but I definitely felt it the next couple of days…


Just wait till you do them on a trainer that inclines, they are very different experiences.


Did Power station for the first time last night…

The best part was the last… I had completely forgotten that the photograph of the workout is the guy in green with the dude in the lab coat. Given that 90% of the workout is the Giro de Italia, I completely forgot about it until the last 5 minutes… not sure if it was because I was totally tired, but found the shoirt movie completely hilarious, specially the pep talk part.

Other memorable pieces:

  • the pause with the guy’s face (Thibaut Pinot next to the Shark)
  • the coment about the limecycle

Watching the Giro de Italia was great, very fitting for the workout.


This scene and the Couchlandrian donut trick are a couple of my fav parts of the workout. :slight_smile:

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That was really good too. Not sure who in Sufferfest has the wicked sense of humour.

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I’m not sure you can really call yourself a Sufferlandrian if you don’t have a wicked sense of humour :wink:


Good news: That was the last short, steep climb.

Bad news: something about moving onto long, steep climbs.

made me laugh a lot.