Question about Kickstarter plan and Igniter before Ramp Test

Hey guys,

I haven’t ridden a bike in a year, and I’m seeing that the “Fitness Kickstarter” plan fits well with this comeback since it starts with a Ramp Test and ends with a 4DP, and it includes short exercises to get the body accustomed. However, I have some questions:

  1. When previewing the plan, I see an exercise called Igniter before the Ramp Test, I imagine it’s to activate the body. The problem is that when I used to train, I did a Ramp Test in SYSTM, and I have the data from that time. I see that Igniter is starting with those results, it’s going to kill me, haha. What should I do? Does it in level mode? Or what data should I input?

  1. Is this the right step to take for a comeback? Or maybe should I do some individual workouts? Perhaps for a week?

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Igniter is a warmup ride to get fluids flowing. It’s more than the supplied warmup rides though.

@danlartez When I look at the transition up plan in SYSTM I don’t see Ignitor before Half Monty.

You could use level mode or try starting at 30 or 40% off your previous numbers. Be conservative as you do want to warm up for the test but you also don’t want to overshoot the mark and burn yourself out before you have done the test.

You could also try one of the NoVid warmups - 10, 20, 25 or 30.

In your case @danlartez I would highly recommend to start off by doing some individual rides to get a feeling about where you stand right now. Please keep in mind, that the Half Monty Ramp Test will also be based on your current 4DP in terms of where the ramp starts at (ramp levels are based on your current MAP setting). So I recommend doing some rides from the Inspiration category in level mode to get a feeling of where your HR trends. You can also do some “On Location” rides in ERG mode to see how the effort levels feel and how these align with HR targets and try to level out the ERG settings until these feel as expected. Thus you should get a feeling how much lower you should set the values in your 4DP profile and then you are good to go with Igniter and Half Monty.
If that’s too much playing around before an actual start into training I would then suggest to just do a Half Monty test right now without Igniter beforehand and leveling down MAP value to 75% of your previous setting from one year ago. It will still give you a good starting point and from there you can do the Kickstarter plan two or three days later sticking to the prescribed order of things.
The good thing about ramp tests is that you don’t add too much fatigue and thus can repeat it sooner than the very demanding 4DP test.

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Hey Sir @JSampson, the Fitness Kickstarter, not Transition Up, is what the OP is asking about and it does have Igniter before Half Monty (ramp test) but it is the day before, not as a warmup on the day of the test.

To answer your question though, @danlartez, doing Igniter in Level Mode is probably a good idea, as is doing a few vids for a week or so first like you and Sir @Holger1980 suggest. You could do them in both ERG or Level mode to get a good sense of your perceived efforts. You may be stronger than you think :man_shrugging:


@Glen.Coutts Ah - its that reading comprehension thing popping up again.