I’ll be having hormone therapy and radiotherapy for prostate cancer. Fatigue seems to be a common side effect of both treatments. I’m intending to use Sufferfest recovery workouts - within limits - but I wondered if anyone else had experience of managing the fatigue.

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make sure you stay active, even though you might have to convince yourself. when I had radiotherapy (6 weeks in 2020) I decided to walk the last bit there and back instead of taking the subway and also rode a few of my favourite Sufferfest sessions (all dialled down to about 60%) which helped a lot with fighting fatigue


Every cancer treatment is very different. I had chemo and radiation therapy for head and neck cancer and it was pretty tough. Remember that fatigue is a part of it and to listen to your body. Your priority is fighting cancer and helping your body recover from the treatments.

You can get your fitness numbers back up after you are done with treatment. My FTP took a huge hit after all of that but now I’m stronger than ever.


Many thanks for that especially the bit about dialling down the sessions. I hadn’t thought of that. Bill

Really pleased to hear you’re back at it! It’s good to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Many thanks. Bill

I highly recommend you have a look at this paper

that explains the current research on the benefits of exercise in cancer patients

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Many, many thanks for this. I particularly took heart from the bit that says: " Research to date supports the potential of cancer survivors to respond positively to an exercise training stimulus by improving individual components of physical fitness, including cardiorespiratory fitness (i.e., VO2peak), muscular strength and endurance, body composition." The UK literature is sparse on the topic. I’ve shown it to the owner of the gym I go to and he’s looking into providing targeted sessions for people like me. Thank you again. Bill