Reduce number of sessions per week


I’m trying to find a plan that will let me train twice a week. I’ve crashed and burned on trying to do 4 sessions a week, and don’t want to repeat that.

Is there a way to have a plan developed where I can reduce the number of sessions to twice a week?

Thank you.

Not sure of a direct response, but could you just select a plan, then drop a couple of sessions each week? Would seem if you’re going to x2/week you could drop recovery and rest efforts and just hit the big ones each week? :thinking:


I don’t know your fitness levels or experience (and advance apologies if I am being presumptuous) but the Fitness Kickstarter plan might suit? It is typically 2 solid sessions a week plus an easier or shorter 3rd session (which could no doubt be dropped or scaled back if fatigued. Easy recovery rides help with that). After 6 weeks with that you may feel like you can add an extra session.

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I like @CPT_A‘a suggestion. Just make sure you take a walk or do something else somewhat active on 2 or 3 of your off-bike days.

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Thank you! That was a great suggestion. Opting to go this route.

For me the physical exertion was doable. It was just the mental hurdle of getting on rollers 4 times a week was too much. I missed riding outside.

Thanks again.

Rollers? Oh my. You will never see me on rollers…and if you do, I’ll be falling off them a few seconds later!

I’m there are a few rollers users on the forum. They may have some suggestions too. I’ve no idea but perhaps some workouts are better suited than others.

Good luck!

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