Are 4DP profiles age-adjusted?

I’m wondering if the categorization of the 4DP profiles are age adjusted? So whether my scores are rated as “excellent” to “needs improvement” take my age into account. I’m 51 and hoping I’m not being graded against riders half my age.


@Elfuzzilito No - those metrics are based on your own results. See below from the website:

  • The size of each wedge indicates how that metric ranks relative to your sustained power or FTP, with the concentric lines indicating whether that value is Exceptional, Very Good, Good, or Modest. It’s not meant to show how you compare to other cyclists, but rather how the different ways of producing power ranks in the context of your sustained power. This allows you to see at a glance which types of efforts you excel in and which you need to focus on developing. If one of your values falls within the “Modest” range, then your other metrics are likely to plateau until you can address and improve that metric. It’s not just the values in isolation but the relationships between them that are important.*

Basically the test results are telling you what you should focus on to improve. As an example, for me it is MAP as that can be a ceiling on FTP. If I get my MAP up more then FTP will follow. Hope that helps!


Sounds like a good system.
Thanks for the response!

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Once you hit the age of 65+ then everything is adjusted according to age … cuz we become more badass than ever … GVA approved … :muscle: :sunglasses:


Or with our reduced mental capacity we just do not know any better.
Not that I knew any better when I was younger. :smile:


At the moment this is correct.
However, we may or may not be working on updating profiling to adjust by gender, age, weight and even height. This change will only impact a small percentage of users in a Type vs. Weakness perspective, but at the very least the Graph Wedges for everyone will be more inline with their capacities.


Is there any plan to incorporate age into the plans?
On average, older riders need more recovery than younger ones.

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Or you have the advantage that someone once ascribed to Kent Bostick, “he’s been at it so long he’s burned off all the brain cells that say, ‘stop this, it hurts,’ “