Request for novid warmups

for those who like (need) longer warmups, would it be possible to have as novids a few existing sufferfest warmups (i.e. avdp, blender, cash register, do as you’re told…) ?

I’m not 100% sure what you are asking for here. There are 3 No-Vid warmups in the library as well as openers, and igniter that could be done without video.

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I’m asking for more!
actually I don’t like those 3 novids!
just create novids from existing material.

If you want to do any existing workout that has a video as a No-Vid, you can do that by using the mini-player mode.

ok, the point is I don’t like to begin let’s say blender and stop it at 10 min!!

Got it.

What would be good is to be able to concatenate workouts rather than having to stop, save, then start a new one. This could also create a single activity record instead of two or more separate activities.

One thing I do now in some workouts is repeat the included warmup by scrolling back to the beginning and doing it again, and sometimes three times. That’s OK in some instances, but often something with more intensity is beneficial.

For any workout, there are switches in the settings to turn off the the Video and/or the Storyline. Miniplayer is good to have the workout parameters appear over 3rd party vids. I often use it with mtb POV vids.


We’ve definitely been asking for a playlist function for a long time so we can easily move straight from planned warmups to the workout to a recovery spin.

I wouldn’t want to have my workouts merged, tho, because I like keeping them separate for analysis purposes. I have extended warmup and cool down sections of my videos before and that makes them impossible to compare to subsequent rides on the same workouts because of the extra time and added lower intensities. So, I’d prefer to keep them separate from my main workout videos.

But, to your initial point, being able to move from one video straight to the next would be a huge help. Right now it can take me anywhere from 2-5 minutes to switch workouts due to the time it takes to save and snyc my finished workout and then load the new video and get all my devices to reconnect. Would love for the session to stay active so the saving and syncing happens in the background and the devices stay reconnected.