Second 4DP test

So 3 weeks ago I took my first 4DP test I took a training plan tailored for me by a good man called Gunther (can’t remember the family name). The training being done, I have just finished my second 4DP test. So I’ve come back to report: NM = 586W AC = 267W MAP = 216W FTP = 177W (2.6W/Kg).
Trying to identify the factors that led to this improvement, I give you this list:

  1. Structured training
  2. Improved technique
  3. Judas Priest during the test

I’m gonna keep it going


@Tzutzu Congrats! I will need to try that method.


That sounds great! One possibility that could go either way is how you prepped and conducted the test. I feel doing the 7 day test plan with the HM on day three and FF on day 7 gives me the most reliable and consistent results.

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